lunes, 22 de febrero de 2016

What is `Brexit´?

`Brexit ´: we are hearing this word a lot in the news these days. It is a word formed by Britain + exit or, for some people, `British exit´. So, what does this mean, from the point of view of politics? 

It's called 'Brexit'. The very word conjures up something quite painful. It's the idea that the British people may vote to leave the European Union, and be the first country to do so. The British government, with the Prime Minister David Cameron at the helm, has been renegotiating its relationship with Europe. A deal has been done of sorts that would return sovereignty to London. It would also limit the right of migrants to claim benefits in the UK. But it's highly controversial. Other EU countries also want something out of this deal. Everybody says they want Britain to stay in, but the British people are not at all sure they want to be part of the EU anyway. Oh, there are strong commercial reasons for staying in Europe, but the Brits don't like all the social bit that goes along with the deal. So in the next 18 months the British people will get a chance to vote on the referendum. If they vote to leave, then Brexit becomes a reality and things get very messy. 

Thanks to "The English Blog" for the video and transcript. If you want to do a listening exercise based on this video, click here 

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