domingo, 22 de enero de 2017


This video will give you some advice for your oral presentations and speeches. I am sorry the subtitles are generated automatically, which means they are not trustworthy, but I think you will be able to grasp the most important tips.

Louis CK is an American comedian; in this video he explains his methodology when telling a joke.

jueves, 19 de enero de 2017

Humour With Modals

miércoles, 18 de enero de 2017

Song Of The Week: Puggy´s `We Have It Made´

How do you translate the title of this song "We Have It Made" by Puggy ?

Here are its lyrics:

Ooh, don't you know we have it made 
Yeah everything will turn out great 
When the stars were born they called our names, 
Yeah, don't you know we have it made 

We're sick of it all 
Sick of it all (we are) 
We're sick of it all 
Sick of it all 


Ooh, everything is right as rain 
But I haven't seen a cloud all day 
When the sky will fall we'll meet again 
And then everything will go my way 

We're sick of it all 
Sick of it all ( we are)
We're sick of it all 
Sick of it all


We're sick of it all 
Sick of it all ( we are)
We're sick of it all 
Sick of it all

martes, 17 de enero de 2017

Galician Books in English

This is a website that promotes Galician authors in English translations. 

These are some of the writers you may find there: Marlier Aleixandre  (and her book The Knife in November), Fina Casalderrey (and her book Dove and Cut Throat), Miguel Anxo Murado ´s Ash wednesday, Manuel Rivas´One Million Cows....

domingo, 15 de enero de 2017

Farewell to President Obama

Obama´s last day in Office will be next Friday;  the President´s term ends at noon on January 20th.

Here are 2 videos you can watch to remember this memorable moment in history

Video 1: People share memorable moments from the Obama Presidency:

Video 2: President Obama´s farewell speech below; it is a video published by The White House so you can trust the subtitles to be accurate. If you would rather read the transcript, click here.

viernes, 13 de enero de 2017

Schools in Finland

Some food for thought on education for the weekend....

Michael Moore goes to Finland to learn about the education system there....We ( =`the Spanish school system´)  should  copy quite a few things he learns....

The audio is in English and the subtitles are in Spanish; it is a 10-minute-lomg video but, for both students and teachers outside Finland , there is so much to consider!

El exito educativo de Finlandia Michael Moore from ateo666666 on Vimeo.

jueves, 12 de enero de 2017

That Or Which?

Sorting out the relative pronouns: that vs. which 

miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017

`Good Speech´

Dear students, here you are trying to learn to speak `good English´and we, teachers, trying to teach you just that while native speakers of English have trouble understanding each other...

This is a video about the ways people can speak `non-standard Englishes´but be articulate (= expressing oneself readily, clearly, or effectively ): English will sound different if you are white, black, British, American

Choose the subtitles you need from the long list offered to you in the video

Jamila Lyiscott is a “tri-tongued orator;” in her powerful spoken-word essay “Broken English,” she celebrates — and challenges — the three distinct flavors of English she speaks with her friends, in the classroom and with her parents. As she explores the complicated history and present-day identity that each language represents, she unpacks what it means to be “articulate.”

Transcript: click here.

martes, 10 de enero de 2017

Song Of The Week: Grace Vanderwaal´s `Light The Sky´

Grace Vanderwaal is 12 ( she was born in 2004) ; in 2016 she won the Golden Buzzer at the AGT (America´s Got Talent ) competition. She is a singer-songwriter and ukelelist. `Light The Sky´ is one of her hits:


This song was  chosen by Google for their video `Google- Year in Search in 2016´ (you  may watch it with subtitles in lots of different languages, including English - which I would recommend- and Spanish): 

Optional Homework Assignment: 

This video shows the top 10 trending search topics in Google in 2016:

  1. Powerball
  2. Prince
  3. Hurricane Mathew
  4. Pokémon Go
  6. Olympics
  7. David Bowie
  8. Trump
  9. Election
  10. Hillary Clinton
Here is your assignment:

  • Choose 3 of the trending topics mentioned above (preferably including some that you did actually search for last year)
  • Summarize the 3 trending topics you have chosen - including the reason why you think they became trending topics
  • Mention what you learnt when you searched for them
  • If you remember it, include the reason that made you google  those topics
Thanks to rd School for the idea.

domingo, 8 de enero de 2017

Double Negative: `We Don´t Need No Education´

Double negatives are grammatically incorrect but there is a sentence including one that is extremely popular: the first line of a song by Pink Floyd, `Another Brick in the Wall´

We don't need no education
We dont need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
All in all you're just another brick in the wall.

Lots of versions have been made of this song, here is another one, aiming to make us environmentally-friendly: 

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